AU VPS PowerBase, $148.0/month

These are the automated Magento siege test results for Magento host M.D.G. IT using their Magento demo hosted at magento.mdg-it.com.au with 20 users for 45 seconds from the Magento Speed Test data center in Australia (Sydney).

The test was run once at 10:45:38 on 2020-02-28.

38.42 trans/sec @ 0.01 secs each

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Australia's M.D.G. IT are specialists in making Magento run at full speed. Optimised MySQL, PHP and Apache settings deliver the best possible performance from enterprise hardware. Offering unparalleled Australian Magento-aware support with a low latency Australian network, M.D.G. IT offers shared, VPS and dedicated hosting in the Equinix SY1 datacenter, 0.5 ms from CloudFront and CloudFlare for low-latency CDN fetches and delivery.

Premium Subscription Required
This test configuration requires a Premium Subscription. Subscription is $14/month or $84/year for unlimited testing at max settings.