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These are the automated Magento siege test results for Magento host ProperHost using their Magento demo hosted at with 20 users for 45 seconds from the Magento Speed Test data center in Eastern USA (Northern Virginia).

The test was run once at 10:48:08 on 2020-02-28.

28.88 trans/sec @ 0.19 secs each

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ProperHost has been offering premium Magento hosting service since 2008. Their highly optimized hosting platform is powered by LiteSpeed Web Server, Percona MySQL Server and Solid-State Disks in RAID 1+0 for maximum performance and reliability.

By deploying CloudLinux LVE technology (Lightweight Virtual Environment), each client website is isolated into each own secure container. This greatly improves the stability and performance of the servers, and also ensures that no single user can abuse the system in a way that affects other sites on the server. With ProperHost, your Magento site will remain fast and responsive at all times.

ProperHost's Magento hosting offers include premium shared hosting, high-availability cloud servers and fully managed dedicated server solutions. Offers include advanced features such as Memcached, LiteMage Cache. ProperHost clients can also take advantage of CloudFlare CDN and Web Content Optimization services for free.

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This test configuration requires a Premium Subscription. Subscription is $14/month or $84/year for unlimited testing at max settings.