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Need even more testing? We provide custom testing servers available by the week. Run tests with extreme simulated concurrency and duration from a dedicated test server of your own in any of the locations available.

Custom test Server with any test parameters

Prices start from $99 per week and servers are provisioned within 24 hours. If you have any questions about how the custom testing works, please contact us.

We test these Magento hosts several times a day, using the same monitoring technology that's available to you. If you're not happy with your speed test results, chances are one of these Magento hosts can help.

If you are a Magento Host and think you're up to automated performance testing or would like to be the featured host for a month contact us.

0.35 trans/sec @ 4.12 secs each

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0.00 trans/sec @ 0.00 secs each

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0.56 trans/sec @ 2.84 secs each

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Magento Speed Test runs a short performance test on your Magento store. Under the hood, Magento Speed Test uses Siege as described in my Magento performance testing article.

Testing requires a sitemap.xml file at

You can also monitor the performance of a server. Free accounts can monitor one store, premium accounts can monitor up to five.

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What's this sitemap.xml thing and how do I make one?

It's a list of the contents of your site in a computer readable format. We use the default Magento sitemap.xml to find out what pages, categories and products you have in your site so we can test it. Having a sitemap.xml and submitting it to Google is generally a good idea anyway - so if you haven't got one, go get one!.

My test is not getting any results?

Magento Speed Test requires a sitemap.xml at made by the default Magento sitemap generation.

My site uses https, can I test it?

Yes, we can testSSL connections. Find https bottlenecks early.

I'm dubious, how do I know if this service is any good?

Magento Speed Test has run over 85,000 tests, simulated over 1 million users and 10's of millions of connections.

Testing is a simulation of users connecting to your server. It is not meant to be an exact science. In general, bad results here translate to bad performance in real life, and good results here translate to good performance in real life. If your store gets bad results but works wonderfully in the real world, we'd like to hear about it.

How does this speed test work?

Mage Speed Test is powered by Siege, Google App Engine and Bootstrap - if you are interested, there's a full guide to how the testing works too.

How do I interpret the raw Siege test results?

There's a good article about that in the Siege manual. Note: A transaction on Siege is not a transaction in Magento, it's a web transaction.

How long does it take to process my subscription?

Subscriptions are instant, when you pay via PayPal, we receive an IPN notifying us, and immediately mark your account as premium. Having said that, sometimes PayPal's definition of instant can be a bit different to ours, if you've waited more than 15 minutes, contact us.

I subscribed, but cannot run premium tests, why?

Two possibilities. 1) the subscription hasn't come through from PayPal yet (see question above) or 2) you may be logged in as a different Goolge Account to what you think, check the 'Currently logged in as...' note in the footer and make sure it's the same account you used to subscribe.

Is my score any good?

You can review recently published tests on the public results page.

I'm disappointed with my results, now what?

You have a couple of options; fix your current hosting or move to a better host. In 99% of all cases the cheapest and easiest option is to get better hosting. You have to be a large store with a lot of traffic to justify the expense and effort of custom tuning a server. However, if you are going to tweak your own server, Guido has a great post to get you started.

I'm sick of all these 'Results are ready now' emails, can I skip them?

If you are a premium member, and testing and tweaking a server heavily, you can end up with a lot of test results emails in your inbox. If you do not want the email letting you know your results are ready, skip the email field.

Is there a Magento Extension for this service?

There sure is. You can download it on Github or find it on Magento Connect.

I'm monitoring my Magento store, can I access the monitoring results in another application?

You sure can! There's a REST XML API available for the monitoring histroy for any monitor. It's a premium feature, available on the monitor page - just click on any monitor in your toolbox.

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