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It's entirely possible that your Magento store is slow. Run a free speed test and find out, knowing is half the battle.

Need even more testing? We provide custom testing servers available by the week. Run tests with extreme simulated concurrency and duration from a dedicated test server of your own in any of the locations available.

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What We Provide:

Featured Host

Each month we feature one of the Magento hosts, this month it's Aspiration Hosting. Aspiration Hosting offers one of the fastest Magento Hosting services in the market with servers located around the world - California (US), London (UK), Singapore (SG) and Sydney (AU). Their Cloud Hosting and Cloud Server are powered by Pure SSD Storage with Unmetered Bandwidth, LiteMage Cache, SSL Certificate, Aspiration CDN and Web Development Support, which should come in handy when you face any issues with your Magento store.


Magento Speed Test runs a short performance test on your Magento store. Under the hood, Magento Speed Test uses Siege as described in my Magento performance testing article. Testing requires a sitemap.xml file at You can also monitor the performance of a server. Free accounts can monitor one store, premium accounts can monitor up to five.

Monthly Performance

Every month I compile the top news and updates from the Magento performance community. The email contains any new performance tips, industry news or Magento improvements, in your inbox once a month.


It's a list of the contents of your site in a computer readable format. We use the default Magento sitemap.xml to find out what pages, categories and products you have in your site so we can test it. Having a sitemap.xml and submitting it to Google is generally a good idea anyway - so if you haven't got one, go get one!.

No Results?

Magento Speed Test requires a sitemap.xml at made by the default Magento sitemap generation.


Subscriptions are instant, when you pay via PayPal, we receive an IPN notifying us, and immediately mark your account as premium. Having said that, sometimes PayPal's definition of instant can be a bit different to ours, if you've waited more than 15 minutes, contact us.


Other Causes

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Critical Role of Page Speed

Page speed is extremely important to the success of any website. It effects everything and the entire experience itself. Do not suffer the complte failures brought by a slow loading page.

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Versatile Platform

Creating and managing can be just as important as customization with any platform. To meet the needs to truely achieve a marketing edge you must hae a versatile platform.

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User Experience

User experience is everything especially one in a rush. Super fast page speed is the required for some of todays busiest people.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines hate burning resources and reward those who help minimize it. Fast load usually means small compressed files and resource aware developers.

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